Standard Wire Torque Wirerope

While an ordinary wirerope transmits force through pulleys and drums or push/pull operations using an outer tube, the torque wirerope is a wirerope processed specially for rotation-tracking performance. The torque rope makes it possible to perform a push/pull operation and a rotation-transmission simultaneously.(Patent Pending in Japan)


Comparison of rotation tracking performance

torque wirerope graph




Type Outer diameter (mm) Overall length (mm)
Min. Max.
Type-D (Torque)
1 x 3
0.30 0.65 2.00
Type-E (Torque)
1 x 7
0.30 1.05 2.00
Type-G (Torque)
1 x 19
0.50 1.00 2.00


 Application Examples

Office automation equipment, home electric appliances, automobiles, FA, etc.